Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hi readers! Today I wrote a little article for all of you, and I hope you all enjoy! Thanks so much for sticking by this blog love you all! 

 I used to let people and the things they say bother me, but now I don't listen to things they say, because this is me. And I'm not changing. I know a lot of my viewers are in middle school, and this time is super hard especially if you just changed to a new school. But don't let it defeat you. You are you, and no matter what people say this fact stays true at the end of the day. Enjoy your life, and don't let anyone tell you who you should be, or who you should become. I'm one of those girls who loves American Girl... perhaps past the age society tells us we should. But this fact doesn't phase me, because I love American Girl. And why should I give up something I love? I shouldn't because I love it, and that's not changing. Every little quirk, and everything I love makes up just a small part of who I am. If you have a passion, never give it up just because of something someone tells you. This is your life. Live it the way you love :) <3 AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS FOREVER :)