Friday, October 22, 2010


Hi Everyone! We got a request from a girl named Phoebe who requested a review on Lanie's Hammock! Check out her American Girl blog at      It really is awesome!!!!!
Lanie's hammock may be a whopping $38 but let me tell you it is so worth it! The set includes Lanie's nature journal, the beautiful green hammock, an adorable pillow to go along with the hammock, some screws(to screw it together), and the instructions. My dad set the hammock up in only 2 minutes! It is so easy and the instruction are very clear and are easy to follow!

After the hammock is set up, your doll can lay in it, or two dolls can sit in it! The hammock and pillow is just such great quality and your dolls are guaranteed to love it! The nature journal even has room for you to draw in animals or plants or just anything in nature!!
Thanks! Please follow our blog and comment if you like it! Also we have a poll going, please check it out! It is on the right side!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

American Girl Place NYC!

Hello! Here are some picture of when we went to the American Girl Place! We had an awesome time, and picked up Lanie's hammock when we were there. The hammock is awesome! Here are the pics:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Julie And Kaya Go Horsebackriding!

Today, Kaya, and Julie went horsebackriding. They had such a fun time riding. Kaya is an expert horsebackrider and she is teaching Julie to horsebackride. Horsebackriding is a sport Kaya calls "Fun and exhilarating!" Kaya and Julie are best friends, and they sure love horses!
Here are some pictures of the ride:

This is Julie chilling with Penny.

This is Kaya with her horse, Steps High.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

American Girl Sleepover Fun!

Last night we had a sleepover with our American Girl Dolls Jessie, Julie, Kailey, and Kaya. We had such a fun time! We made crafts, we ate food, danced, and they had a great time with their best friends! Kailey and Julie ate a little bit to much sugar, and they had a huge sugar rush!!! We all had a great time!

Jessie, Julie, Kaya, and Kailey pose for a picture.

This is Kailey during her sugar rush doing a split in the air
she was really being crazy dancing to California Gurls.

Best Friends! Kailey and Jessie BFF'S!!

Sugar rush and then.... SLEEPING TIME!!