Our Doll Pets!

Hello!! Here are pictures of all of our American Girl Dolls Pets!! Enjoy!!
Aren't They Just Adorable?? Coconut belongs to Ruthie, Licorice Belongs to Samantha, Pepper Belongs To Julie, and Honey belongs to Kit.

These are the pets that live in stables. Starburst is the llama and belongs to Kit and Ruthie. Steps High belongs to Kaya, and Penny belongs to Felicity.

Aren't these two bears adorable?? We got them when we visited New Hampshire. They are trained bears-don't worry!! The bear Kinnai is Jessie's Bear, and Nita is Kaya's bear.

How do you like their collars?? Aren't they so cute? The dog Sugar is Addy's, Licorice is Elizabeth's Coconut is Rebecca's, and Yank is Emily's. Which of all of our pets is your favorite?