Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hi everyone! So today I have alerting news. I know I have been posting a lot lately about the American Girl website, but this is something I had to share. Molly McIntire, and Emily Bennet are now being retired from the American Girl company. This means they will no longer sell any Molly or Emily things, and they are going into the archives. I don't have Molly, but another writer of this blog, Catherine, has Molly and Emily. Basically whenever dolls that either Catherine or I have retire, I always make a mad dash to get all the things I want before it all sells out. I actually feel really sad when American Girl retires dolls, because its always the classic dolls they came out with a long time ago. They have retired so many dolls that are classics, and have been part of the American Girl collection for years and years. As of now, nothing has sold out on the American Girl website, but if there's something you have been wanting for a long time, don't wait. When Elizabeth was retired with Felicity, I was going to order something; but I waited. Then, when I looked on again, it was sold out. Everything always sells out so quickly. Farewell to Molly and Emily you will be missed! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

American Girl Sweepstakes- Win A $500 AG Giftcard!

Hello readers! Today I was on the American Girl website, and they are having an amazing sweepstakes! It's where you can enter to win a $500 giftcard to American Girl. All you have to do is be over 18 years of age, and fill out an entry on The entry has things such as name, address, email, and things like that so they can notify if you win. You can enter once a day, but if you are under 18 years of age, ask your mom to enter under her name. The entry is on the bottom of the page on This sweepstakes is such an amazing chance, and who knows you might even win. :) The contest ends August 26th, and AG says the winners will be notified by August 28th :) 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Favorite Back To School Outfits and accessories for American Girl Dolls!

Hello everyone!! Back to school will be here before we know it! Not only do I go back to school shopping for all the latest school supplies, clothes and accessories, but I also get a few things for my dolls! Today I will be sharing my favorite Back To School clothes and accessories from the American Girl website! American Girl has soooooo many amazing back to school outfits, and today I'm going to show all of you my favorites! This post is no way endorsed by American Girl, it's just a post idea I thought was cute. Enjoy :)
This Tropical Bloom outfit is sooo perfect for the early fall!

This cozy sweater outfit may have been out from ag for a while, but I think it's perfect for fall and winter! It can be used for two whole seasons. Plus, I think the shoes are pretty ADORABLE!

This weekend fun outfit really screams fall time for me! Its seriously so adorable with the rolled up jeans, and the vest, this looks like a fall outfit I would wear!

This flower sweater and skirt outfit is so adorable! It's perfect for the fall time, because although it is a skirt, the sweater makes it wearable for the fall. And the colors are so cute and appropriate for the fall.

This volleyball set for dolls is simply adorable! I remember when it first came out, I just think its so cute and its a volleyball set. Who doesn't love cute sports uniforms?

This track set for dolls is sooooo cute and colorful! A must have for your doll who loves running!

To me, this school days outfit, is sooo adorable! It;s very simple, which is so perfect for school. I think this outfit could be worn all school year, in the spring, in the fall, and in the winter with an added cardigan or sweater. This outfit is so versatile, and yet simple.

This campus snack cart is so perfect for those who like to play pretend food with their dolls. Its seriously so adorable, I wish they had a snack cart like this at my school!

The school backpack set is so cute! Not only does it have a doll sized back pack, but doll sized pencils, pens, notebooks, a textbook, and an adorable water bottle! It's like your doll is prepared for school all on her own!

This stackable lunch set is sooooooo cute! The food looks so realistic, and its such a cute concept! I love the flower shaped sandwich especially. Its just so cute!

This school locker set is seriously the cutest thing ever! The color and the accessories included are soooooo cute! I wish the lockers at my school were this cute! 

 Thanks sooooooo much to all of our viewers, and I really hope you enjoyed this post! Love you all!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kaileys Photoshoot- "Early Sunshine"

Hello readers! I hope all of you are having a lovely day! In the early summer, I took a photoshoot with my doll Kailey Hopkins, girl of the year 2003. So this photoshoot was shot quite a while back but nonetheless I hope all of you enjoy it :) I am so happy to be getting back into this blog, I missed it very much! This isn't my best photoshoot, and I'm not super proud about it but I still really love these photos.Thanks for all your views, comments, and follows, you are AMAZING! Have an amazing rest of the summer! See you in my next post. ENJOY! 
Kailey loves the summer sunshine :)

Model status

In case any of you are wondering, this outfit is authentic American Girl and it was realesed
many years ago, and is called the Tropical Paradise Outfit. The hairbow is not AG. :)

She's such a born model :) 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hey everyone! It has seriously been months since I've logged on to my blog! I seriously miss it sooooooooo much and I greatly apologize. Basically things have been so crazy with vacations, summer, hanging out with friends, my job, babysitting, practicing piano, and just everything has been sooooooo busy! But, I am totally going to try to update this blog more because a lot of you viewers still love and support it. This really means the world to me! New posts very soon I promise! This video is a doll room tour and update. It really explains why I wasn't on the youtube or blogger forever! Thanks so much for viewing, especially to our loyal viewers. <3 all of you!