Monday, November 28, 2011


So every year American Girl has a huge cybermonday! This year online there is 11 pages of fantastic savings!! I am so excited! I ordered my stuff on american and the prices are amazing! Here are some savings online: Many things are selling out so if you want to get anything you might want to order
This set they sell at the American Girl Place is now available
online for $12. All of these deals are only going on untill
11:59 p.m Central time.

They even have clothes for girls on sale. This denver tee for girls is $12

These snowflake pajamas are so cute and they are on
sale for $12

These rosy ribbon pajams are adorable for $12!! They even have stuff
for bitty babies and bitty twins on sale.

Here is the innerstar u outfit! It is on sale for $10! Wow! I ordered
this one because I have always wanted it.

This is a favor set from the american girl place! So cute! On sale for
only $4!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What we got at the american girl place in NYC

In NYC we got these adorable american girl doll sweater that are available (for a limited time)
if you spend over $50. They are $14 each sweater and they come with the muffs molly is wearing.



Friends forever!

Molly looks so cute in the sweater and she really likes the muff!

This sweater looks adoarble on julie!! She didn't wear her muff
because she didn't like it very much, you know julie very hippie!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


In honor of the first Thanksgiving, we made a beautiful photoshoot! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!