Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year and Vacation Time!!

Hello!! I just wanted to let everyone know that me and Catherine will be leaving on vacation to our Grandparents house, and we will be back Sunday. We most likely will not be able to make any posts will we are at their house.
But before we leave we wanted to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Also could you leave comments saying if you are watching the ball drop on New Years Eve.
Happy New Year!!

This is a picture of what Times Square looks like when it is the New Year!
Are you going to watch the ball drop on TV or at Times Square on New Years Eve?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


On I love American Girl's blog I saw she posted some pics of Kanani I thought I would post our opinion on them. I am so outraged that AG is highering their prices to $100 a doll!! AG is going way to far!!! I love that they are having special events for the 25th anniversary!! They are going to come out with special mini dolls every two months, release special edition dvds, and they will be offering a cruise!! OMG!! This is so cool! I am still really mad that ag is highering their prices, soon I won't even be able to afford them if they just keep getting higher!!
On the good note Kanani is so cool and her stuff is amazing!!
Here are the pics:
I can't believe she has hazel/green eyes everyone thought her eyes would be
brown colored. I love her necklace!

Her hair is gourgeous! I love the shirt!

You can buy a seal for $18 and the money goes
to World Wildlife Fund. Cool!!

That would be so cool to go!

OMG! I want the Samantha one and Catherine wants the
Felicity one!!
OMG! I love that outfit on the left side!!

Her pajamas are so cute!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yay!! My mom ordered AG stuff with our Christmas money!!

Today my mom ordered something from Ebay of American Girl with my leftover Christmas money (me Julie)
I am so excited about it because I have always wanted this outfit!!!
And the outfit is.... KIT'S SCHOOL OUTFIT!!
I am so excited!!

This is Kit's School Outfit!! I love it!!

I (Catherine) was able to order Kaya's Dance Dress of Today with extra Christmas money!  Although Kaya's Dance Dress of Today sold out online and in the catalogs, my mom called the American Girl Place's number which is (877) 247-5223, pushed 1 to connect with the American Girl Place's, then pushed another number to connect with buying of merchandise. She was connected to an associate and simply asked "Hello. I was wondering if I could possibly order Kaya's Dance dress of Today through an American Girl store if it is availble. It sold out online, but I just thought I would check to see if it is available in any of the stores". The lady said it was available at the some of the American Girl Places(not the botique and bistros), and then my mom ordered it from the American Girl Place in New York City. So if you were planning on ordering this outfit or something that recently sold out, you might want to call that number and ask them if they have the dress or just something you wanted that sold out recently. It is defenately worth a try and it would be worth it when it came!
I am so excited that the outfit was actually available! Kaya only has two outfits, and I got one for Christmas and one sold out! So I just had to spend the money and get it for Kaya!! Thanks so much!
(also sorry this post is so long, I just had to let you know about this!)

Kaya's Dance Dress of Today (Item # T6784)

Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello! Today we woke up and we saw it had snowed a whole bunch last night!! Maybe almost a foot of snow!! We are so excited that we have 12 followers, we just got a new follower today!! Also thanks so much to everyone that has viewed our blog! We have had about 350 views just today!! We took some pics of Samantha and Felicity in the snow with their adorable winter clothes on.
 Here are the pictures: Enjoy!
Here is Samantha and Felicity outside in the snow near our stairs.

Here is Samantha admiring the beautiful snow!

Did it snow at your house?? Leave a comment telling us
if it snowed at your house and how much snow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We both had an amazing Christmas! We had lots of fun with our family opening presents. Some of those presents I got were American Girl! I absolutely love every gift I got!

Here is what I got:

-American Girl wooden bunk bed with purple sparkly bedding

Kaya and Julie on the new bunk bed showing each other their stocking stuffers!!!!
-American Girl Kaya's doll and cradleboard, Kaya's Deerskin dress, and Addy's Christmas dress
Kaya wearing her new deerskin dress and holding her new doll(help-have any name ideas for the doll?
Addy wearing her new Christmas dress!

-18 inch clothing by Lakeside Collection- Set A

This set is so cute!!!

Julie and I even got robo dwarf hamsters! They are absolutely adorable!!!
Mine is the one in the front!! Her name is Cinnamon!
I also got other gifts that are not American Girl such as books and money.

Please comment to let me know if you have any Native American names for Kaya's doll or if you have or liked any of the presents I received. Thanks!

Thank You so much and we both hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!

What I got for Christmas (me Julie)

Hello! How was everyone's Christmas?? I had a great Christmas!! I even saw my cousin that I had not seen for a year, and that was really great to see her again. Yesturday we showed what our parents had given to us but today I will show you what I (Julie) got for Christmas (Catherine's might put hers up later). I will show you all that AG stuff that I got and my Aunt got me and Catherine a surprise! Two dwarf hamsters, and all the supplies for them!!! I love them. Also this morning my betta fish died :(
But I am glad that I now have a hamster. His name is snowball and Catherines is named cinnamon.
Here are some pics:
I got Rebecca's Cats, her Movie Dress, and her Hanukkah Dress!!
I really reccomend the movie dress it is so pretty!

Here is a picture of our hamsters! Aren't they so cute!! The one
on the right side is mine!!

This is a set from Lakeside Collection of doll clothes that fit American Girl Dolls!!
I love this set!!

Also my Grandma and Grandpa renewed my American Girl
Magazine Subscription!!

What did you get for Christmas?? I loved Christmas!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What We Got For Christmas (so far)!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! We hope your Christmas has been going great so far!! This
morning we opened all of our presents from our parents. It was so much fun!!! My brother got all the toys he
could ever want (including his favorites slinky toys and squishy toys). We got clothes, books, stocking stuffers, and AMERICAN GIRL STUFF!! We got an AG Place Set including a doll t-shirt, a purse, and a headband, Felicity's Tea Set, a bunch of doll size erasers, and A DOLL BUNKBED FOR THEM!!
Below there is pics of the bunkbed!! Also we are going to my Aunts house later were my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and and my Grandma and Grandpa will be there!! So we will also get more AG stuff there.
So my Mom got this bed made by someone she saw at a craft fair! The
bedding is so purple and sparkly!!! We love it!!

It is Kaya and Julie's bed  now!! Also they are holding
the gifts we gave to them for Christmas including the AG Place shirt!!

The tea set is so cool!!!

My mom surprised us and bought this set on Cybermonday!!

Please leave comments saying which present you got is your favorite
and what AG stuff did you get (or so far if you have not got all your presents yet)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

American Girl Dolls Baking Cookies!! Yum!!

Hello! Today was our first day off for Winter Break. We have been so busy wrapping presents, cleaning, and baking cookies all day (not to mention we also slept untill 10:00 today)!! So we made sugar cookies with our American Girl Dolls Kit and Addy. We had so much fun making the dough, rolling the dough out, cutting them with cookie cutters, decorating them with sprinkles, and now they are cooking!! Yum! We can't wait to eat them with our dolls!!!!!
Here are some pictures of our dolls making the cookies!! Enjoy!
This will most likely be our last post before Christmas. Tonight we are having a Christmas AG party with our dolls so we might put some pics of that on.
Thanks so much for viewing our blog and please follow, and leave comments if possible.
                                                HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Aren't the doll aprons adorable in them?? Yesturday we made
Gingerbread houses at school!!

Here is Kit cutting the cookies out with Christmas Cookie cutters,
this one she is using is a bell.

Decorating the cookies with sprinkles was Addy's favorite part!!

Please Vote!!

As you know we have been having votes on which of these four things you would like us to make a post of.
-all of our American Girl bed(we have many of them because each doll has a bed and we have 12!)
-all of our American Girl mini dolls
-all of our American Girl pets(which includes the horses, dog, cats, llama, and more)
-all of our American Girl Felicity and Elizabeth collection(including the bed, their outfits, accessories, the dolls, and more)
PLEASE VOTE!! About 3 or four people have voted but they have all voted different things so we need to come to a conclusion of which post to make so please vote by commenting. THANKS!
Also please follow, comment and please vote.
Here is a Christmas Picture!! Only 2 more days till Christmas!! Yay!!
Isn't this such a beautiful picture???

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Great news on the American Girl Kanani Doll! I found some pics of her on you tube, and all picture rights belong to youtuber juliesol73.
If you don't know, Kanani is the 2011 girl of the year doll coming out in January!

Please check out our American Girl suprise post we made yesterday! Thanks so much!

Monday, December 20, 2010

American Girl suprise! Please read asap!

To all of our viewers and followers,
Thanks so much for helping us reach our goal of 10 followers by Christmas! We are so thankful and excited that we will be putting on a special post of either of the following:

-all of our American Girl bed(we have many of them because each doll has a bed and we have 12!)
-all of our American Girl mini dolls
-all of our American Girl pets(which includes the horses, dog, cats, llama, and more)
-all of our American Girl Felicity and Elizabeth collection(including the bed, their outfits, accessories, the dolls, and more)

Please comment to let us know which one you would like to be a post. When we have 3-4 comments, we will choose the one that is winning and make the post asap!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!

Our American Girl dolls with their Christmas tree!

Felicity and Samantha under the tree!

Winter Ice Skating!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Guess what? Yesterday we received Chrissa's llama, Starburst in the mail! On Cyber Monday, they had Chrissa's llama on sale for $12 on! Although none of us have the girl of the year 2009 Chrissa doll, we loved Chrissa and Starburst was just irresistable, so we just had to buy him!

This is the description of Starburst on
This baby mini llama named Starburst is a special gift from Nana. She has a cream-colored, huggable plush body with an attached halter. She also comes with a parade pack that holds four bookmarks for Chrissa to share with her friends.
We are going to write our own review below:
Starburst is just so adorable! He has fuzzy white fur, and the cutest eyes!!! He is by far one of the best American Girl animals ever made! Not only that but he has a purple pack that can hold mini AG books, mini dolls or stuffed animals, or just anything small for your American Girl doll! Starburst is a must have for any AG lover!!!
Please leave comments and please follow us! Our goal is to have one more follower by Christmas. Thanks!!
Here is Starburst in his new bed we made for him!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


The answer is yes, there is still enough time to order them, although some of their clothing items, accessories, and more have already sold out!














This past week many outfits and accessories have sold out or are on major backorder, but luckily the two dolls are still available, so if Felicity or Elizabeth are on your holiday wishlist you might want to order them as soon as possible!!

Also if you ordered Felicity or Elizabeth or the items, please comment and tell us what you ordered or what you are getting for Christmas of them.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!