Thursday, November 28, 2013


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! I can't believe how fast this month has passed, and the holidays are quickly approaching! As I am sure all of you know, Cyber Monday is approaching as it is this Monday. If you have not heard of Cyber Monday, it is basically the Black Friday shopping of the internet- except this sale takes place the monday after black friday. Every year, American Girl has a fabulous sale on cybermonday with outfits as low as $10! There are so many doll books, clothing, accessories, and more that American Girl has available on Cybermonday at a discounted price! It's the perfect time to get AG stuff at a very discounted price! Remember that Cyber Monday is this Monday, December 2nd. :)

Some Deals I found last year on Cyber Monday:

Molly's Pajamas
Price on Cyber Monday Last Year: $15

Frosty Party Outfit
Sale Price on Cyber Monday Last Year: $12

American Girl Bowling Outfit
Sale Price on Cyber Monday Last Year: $10


  1. What time does the sale start? I remember last year, I set my alarm for midnight (eastern time) and it had not started by 1:00 am (eastern time). I know it sells out quickly so I want to get up early.

  2. @Shawna it usually starts around 2-3 am eastern :)

  3. What about dolls do they go on sale

  4. is it only online? not in the stores? We live about 30 min from a store and it would seem like a waste of money to pa for shipping.

  5. I know at the Disney Store they start at 9 pm Pacific time, so it could be 12 am Pacific time. I hope they have good stuff, cause I dont wanna get up in the wee hours of the night for nothing... I haven't recieved any emails from AG tho, and I usually get one a day practically.

  6. does anyone know if something as big as the campus snack cart will be on sale?

  7. Replies
    1. 12 more minutes. They are on Central time. SO - 1 a.m. Eastern Time ;)

  8. I have not recv'd any emails and the rep could not confirm nor deny there would be any sales such as free shipping, that's all I hope for! It's midnight eastern time now and so far=nada.

  9. Nothing yet and 12:15 EST. The sale items are online only and are mostly closeout items, clothes and small accessories as well as items for girls. Never dolls or large items.

    1. I just called, it's 1 a.m. Eastern Time, they are on Central Time...

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