Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hi everyone! So today I have alerting news. I know I have been posting a lot lately about the American Girl website, but this is something I had to share. Molly McIntire, and Emily Bennet are now being retired from the American Girl company. This means they will no longer sell any Molly or Emily things, and they are going into the archives. I don't have Molly, but another writer of this blog, Catherine, has Molly and Emily. Basically whenever dolls that either Catherine or I have retire, I always make a mad dash to get all the things I want before it all sells out. I actually feel really sad when American Girl retires dolls, because its always the classic dolls they came out with a long time ago. They have retired so many dolls that are classics, and have been part of the American Girl collection for years and years. As of now, nothing has sold out on the American Girl website, but if there's something you have been wanting for a long time, don't wait. When Elizabeth was retired with Felicity, I was going to order something; but I waited. Then, when I looked on again, it was sold out. Everything always sells out so quickly. Farewell to Molly and Emily you will be missed! 

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