Monday, January 31, 2011

New American Girl Closet Hideout!!

Hello!! This weekend we cleaned out our closet and made an American Girl Doll Hideout!! In the hideout there are 2 benches, a sofa chair, and a table we made. It can fit up to five dolls at once ( two dolls in each bench, and one in the sofa chair). This area can be a hang-out room, a restaurant, or it can even be made in to a temporary bedroom. Here are the pictures of the new closet hideout!! Also please comment telling us if you have a secret hideout for your dolls, and tell us how you like ours.
Isn't this room so cool?? How do you like the table we made?


Here is Jessie, Julie, Kailey, and Kaya chilling in the lounge area.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Please Help Us Decide~ Vote Please!!

Hello!! As you have most likely seen, we have now added a new tab showing pics and discriptions of each of our dolls, and we would like to make another tab. Which tab should it be?? You can help us decide.
Which one do you want? Please comment voting on these choices or vote on our poll on the right side of our blog.
Here are the choices:
1. All of our dolls beds
2. All of our doll pets
3. Don't add any more tabs

So you can decide. Please vote!! Also how do you like our dolls tab that we added this morning??
Here are Kailey and Jessie on the way to Boston.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yay!! 25 Followers + Updates!!

Yay!! We now have 25 followers!! We are so excited!! Thanks so much to our 25 followers and our 25 follower is blogger Annie!! Check all our awesome followers blogs!! Also today we updated our blog by making a new heading Valentine's Day Picture (which was actually taken before my Samantha was sent to the hospital), and we also put a new backround on! Please comment and tell us what you think about the new Valentine's Day header and the new backround!!
This is the picture on our header!!! Isn't it cute?? Just in case you are wondering
how I added the border, the heart, and the font, and I went on picnik.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long Time No Post + Updates + and some old photos I found!!

Hello!! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. The last few weeks have been crazy. First our hamsters started to fight so we separated them. Then within a few days cinnamon (the hamster) escaped. We looked forever for him, and we found him under our dresser. Also please pray for my Grandpa, he was sent in an ambulance today.

So enough with the sad news, I just thought I would show you some pics that were taken 1-2  years ago that I found on my Dad's flash drive!! Enjoy!!
This is a picture of a house we had for our dolls made out of a
dishwasher box. But the top caved in and ripped so we had to
get rid of it.

This is my Rebecca just months after I got her picking tomatoes
that we grew in pots.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How We Got Into American Girl Dolls (Requested)

Hello!! We had some requests from awesome bloggers to tell a story of how we got into American Girl Dolls. Sorry that it is long!!
So it all started when my cousin came over and she had American Girl Dolls. We looked at the magazine she had and it was the summer 2003 magazine that had Kailey in it. We were looking through all the dolls and Felicity caught Catherine's eye, and she immediatly wanted her. I saw Samantha, and the moment I saw her, I just knew she was the right doll to buy. This of course was when we were very young, we were five or six at the time. The following birthday (2004) my mom brought down big boxes, and when we opened them sure enough they were Felicity and Samantha!! They were more than any of us could ever expect because we had only seen them in the magazine!! Ever since then, we have loved American Girl Dolls, and over the six years we have loved them, and our AG family has grown from 2 to 12! We play with and collect American Girl Dolls! We will always love them! Here is the order in which we got our dolls:
2004-Samantha and Felicity(for our birthday!)
2005-Elizabeth(Julie's doll)
2007-Emily(from the AG place) and Addy(from a garage sale) (both Catherine's dolls)
2008-Kit and Ruthie(for our birthdays)(Ruthie is Catherines and Kit is Julies)
2009-Rebecca(Julie's doll-for her birthday) Julie(Julie's doll)
2010-Kailey and Jessie(from garage sales-Catherine has Kailey and Jessie is Julies) Kaya(from AG Boston Catherine's doll)

If you read up to here, you are awesome!! How did you get into AG?? PLEASE COMMENT!

This is a picture taken last year (before Samantha went to the hospital)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

American Girl Snow Day!!

Hello!! Today we had a day off because of the weather!! It snowed a lot!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR 20 SUBSCRIBERS!! IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR A SPECIAL 20 FOLLOWERS POST PLEASE COMMENT!! So we took some pics of our dolls. So sit back grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy these pictures!!
Thanks for viewing our blog and please comment and tell us what you think.
Here is Julie dressed as a snow angel!!

This is Julie taking a nice winter slumber!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello!! I have some really exciting news!! Our family and I are most likely going to Disney World in Orlando Florida and Seaworld in Orlando sometime this late winter or early spring!! We are so excited!! We are not sure if we are going to bring our dolls their because we have to go on a plane, but I am really not sure!!! Are you going to vacation anytime soon?? I was looking on the disney store website and there was some really cute disney outfits that can fit ag dolls that I might get in Disney World if they have them there!! Here are the pics: Also if you like any of these outfits you can get them on the disney store website!!
This outfit comes with the doll!! I love the cute disney hat
and really the whole outfit!!

This is a Minnie mouse costume for dolls!! This is adorable!! If you
want to purchase this outfit, go on Disney &

Isn't this outfit just so cute???

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Read!!

Hello. Today I write asking you to pray for my teachers family. Today my spanish teacher died of cancer. She was such a great teacher, and I really miss her. :(
I know this has nothing to do with American Girl Dolls but I just felt that I should tell you guys. Please pray!!
Also here is a picture of Felicity holding her baby sister.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Guess What? Kaya's Dance Dress of Today came in the mail a few days ago! It is so beautiful and I recommend it to anyone! The dress is very high quality and is beautifully decorated! Although the necklace does not fit around 2 times on her neck, it is beautiful without the necklace!
Here is the description found on
Girls today who share Kaya’s Nez Perce roots often wear traditional outfits like this one to pow-wows:
  • A beautiful fringed dress
  • A beaded choker and embroidered moccasins
  • A feathered hair comb
If you like the dress, please comment and tell be your opinions! Thanks and Happy New Year!!
This is my Kaya doll in her new outfit!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

All of Our American Girl Doll Beds!!

Hello!! The post selected for the voting post was all of our american girl doll beds!! So today, we will show you all of our AG beds!! Also read the post following this one because it tells how we came to a conclusion to do the AG beds for our special 10 followers post!!
Here are The Pictures:
This is Samantha and Addy's Bed!! The bedding was actually
made by one of my mom's friends.

This is Ruthie's, Kit's, Rebecca's and Emily's bed!! This bed is
from my mom's friend, and she purchased it at an antique store for
$5.00!! It is 3 feet long and fits 4 to 5 dolls comfortably!! We love this bed!!

This is Felicity and Elizabeth's Bed!! We have the Elizabeth bedding and canopy
on the bed frame right now, but Felicity's bedding came on the bed, and we
just bought Elizabeth's bedding separate.

This is Jessie's (my american girl #23), and Kailey's bed. These beds
are from the Crowne Plaza hotel in Boston. They gave us these beds
because we got the American Girl Package they offered!! If you plan to go
to Boston we definatly reccomend staying at Crowne Plaza there and getting
the American Girl Package.

This is Kaya's and Julie's bunkbed!! This bunkbed we got for Christmas
this year, and it was made by someone we saw at a craftfair, and the purple
bedding is sparkly (but it can't be seen in this picture).

Thanks so much for ten followers and now 17 followers!!
Please leave comments saying how you like our beds and what doll beds do you have.
Thanks and please comment and follow!!

Voting Results for the 10 Followers Special Post

As you know, we had voting for which special post you would all like to see for having 10 followers. The choices were:
-all of our American Girl bed(we have many of them because each doll has a bed and we have 12!)
-all of our American Girl mini dolls
-all of our American Girl pets(which includes the horses, dog, cats, llama, and more)
-all of our American Girl Felicity and Elizabeth collection(including the bed, their outfits, accessories, the dolls, and more)
So the ones that were voted on were all of the american girl dolls beds, all of our american girl pets, and our whole Felicity and Elizabeth collection. So we didn't come to a conclusion so we picked from a hat, and the post that we will post is......

All of our American Girl Doll Beds, was voted by blogger Ag Fun!! Please check out her blog!
Her blog link is below:

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello! We are back from vacation with our Grandma and Grandpa. While we were there we went to a mall and we saw the movie Tangled. It was so funny, and I loved it!! I definatly recommend seeing it in 3D at your local theater!!
Besides the point AG has a bunch of new stuff and I thought I would show some pics of some of the new stuff.
Here they are:
This is Kanani's Lu'au Set! I love this outfit and I really want it!!
These are Kanani's Pajamas!! I think they are cute and
this has nothing to do with the outfit but cute hairstyle!!

This is Kanani's Beach outfit. I love the swimsuit,
it is adorable!!

This is Kanani's Aloha Outfit!! The shirt is so cute!!

This is the Sweetheart pajamas for dolls!! Me (Julie) has the doll
that is modeling this outfit and she looks so cute in it so
I want to buy it for her!! The slippers are adorable!!

This is the Fancy Occasion Dress for Dolls!!
Isn't this so pretty??

This is Rebecca's Lace Dress!
I really want it for my Rebecca!!

This is Kit's Summer Dress. This is just not like Kit at all!!
It is fancy, not like Kit would like!! It so should have been made for Ruthie!!

This is Julie's Summer Skirt Set!! This is so seventies!!

This is Addy's Plaid Summer Dress!! I love the dress but I
don't like the apron.

This is Josefina's Dress and Vest! This is really cute
and I love the vest!!

This is Kaya's Pow-Wow dress of today!! It looks kindof
like the old Kaya dance outfit that sold out!!

This is Molly's Polka Dot Outfit!! This is so adorable!!
Even though me or Catherine don't have this outfit we think
it is just so cute!!

This is January's special mini doll, Samantha!! They will
come out with one every month!! I have Samantha and I really want to collect all of them!!

This is the mini doll display shelf!! I love this and
me and Catherine would like to get all the collector mini dolls
and put them on this!!

Also some other AG stuff came out but I only put some pics on!! Check out this new
stuff at!

Also how was your New Years Eve?? Do you like any of the new stuff??